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The PrestigeRadio Frequency aesthetic system features patented Inductive Capacitive Technology to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, smoothe cellulite and contours adipose tissue.

Prestige treatments are pain free, requiring no anesthetics or the use of superficial skin cooling.Treatments are SAFE. There is NO electric current flowing from the hand piece through the epidermis to a grounding electrode, eliminating the possibility of electrical burns. Current in the insulated hand piece creates a magnetic field that induces controlled heat in targeted tissue. Prestige delivers deep heat to the dermal and hypodermis without damage to the epidermis.INTERACTIVE LCD FOR DATA INPUT AND STORAGE — An interactive LCD panel allows for input, storage and retrieval of 8,000 patients and treatment settings. The Prestige is portable, durable and maintenance free.There are no expensive disposables tips or creams needed for each treatment.