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“Numbing Slime” – 2 oz gel - Strong, Fast Acting Anaesthetic

Numbing Slime is the perfect complement for micro needling on any other procedure requiring a topical anesthetic for strong, rapid, cost effective numbing. Numbing Slime contains the maximum legal over the counter 4% concentration of Lidocaine plus NatureCaine. NaturCaine is an All Natural numbing and healing blend for pain reduction enhanced with the addition of the legal maximum Over the Counter concentration of Lidocaine for numbing.

The combination of Lidocaine & NatureCaine powerfully numbs and relieves pain during micro needling or other procedures, while also stopping itching, irritation & swelling. The NatureCaine ingredients help speeds natural healing.
Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Organic Alcohol, Kava Kava, Yarrow, Nutmeg, Copaiba Balsam, Flax Seed, Chromium Oxide (A natural green dye), Lidocaine


Step 1 – Shake well before each use. Spread over the intended area. Wait until absorbed in to the skin and repeat until treatment area is numb (usually 4-6 layers depending on depth of needling).
Step 2 – Wrap in Saran plastic wrap to help absorption into the skin.
Step 3 – Begin treatment.
Step 4 – Continue to use slime as needed throughout the treatment.

Numbing Slime (2 oz) $39.95/ea