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TriTide – Super Peptide Serum is a powerful, super peptide formulation uses natural, safe ingredients suitable for the most sensitive skin without fragrances, parabens or harsh preservatives. TriTide Super Peptide Serum includes three premium peptides and a unique low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. The TriTide Serum also includes rich antioxidant Vitamins C and E.

TriTide uses the advanced Peptides Argireline, Matrixyl 3000 and Snap-8 for a visible reduction in wrinkles, increased skin firmness and elasticity. The 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid uses no fillers and is greaseless. The LMW (low molecular weight) formulation means increased product penetration for superior hydration and skin plumping. Collagen and Elastin production is accelerated. Results can be seen within 2 – 3 weeks while deep wrinkles are significantly reduced within 30 days.


50% - Pure Hyaluronic Acid :
featuring LMW (low molecular weight) for increased penetration due to smaller molecular size. Hydrates, moisturizes and plumps the skin.

25% - Argireline :
This is the highest concentration of this peptide on the market today! Argireline is an amino peptide that is an alternative to Botox. It relaxes wrinkles, tightens and brightens skin

15% - Matrixyl 3000 :
This peptide reduces wrinkle depth and is a powerful antioxidant.

10% - Snap-8 :
An octapeptide. An elongated, more powerful Argireline peptide. Vitamin C ester - Ascorbyl Palmitate. Vitamin C Ester is made of L-ascorbic acid joined with a fatty acid creating an ester bond. This Vitamin C Ester is fat-soluble, making it stable, non-acidic, completely nonirritating.

Vitamin E :
In the form of Tocotrienol which is 40 times stronger than traditional

Tocopherol Vitamin E

Paraben-Free No Artificial Fragrance

Sulfate-Free No Artificial Dyes

Available in 1 oz Dropper Bottle